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FINGLO is Finnish based global ICT service provider. We offer wide range of IT solutions, support services, hardware and softwares to our clients worldwide with local service.


What We Do


Support Services

Support services help our customers with daily problems and assist in the use of the systems. We also support third-party systems, so that we can act as a single point of contact model. This way, the customer does not have to think separately about who to contact.

IT Solutions

Our services include a wide range of different environment services, such as F-Secure security and Microsoft 365. We can integrate these services into a broader agreement and the result is a modern and secure IT environment.


We maintain and monitor our customers' systems delivered by us or third-party. Maintenance and monitoring can work 24/7/365


Our cloud service is completely tailored to the customer's needs, so we can guarantee a cost-effective solution, be it a hybrid or a cloud solution. Cloud services can be provided from the nearest data center around the world, depending on the location of the customer.


Partner agreements with several different  manufacturers guarantee our customers low-cost hardware, software and license deliveries. We also have a new TaaS procurement model that enables the acquisition of systems without large one-time investments.



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