Smart City and ICT Services

Written by FINGLO


What do you call a smart thing in terms of technology? Nowadays we have smart phones, smart TVs, smart house appliances and the list goes on. So, isn’t it possible to have a smart City as well? Why don’t we think about that for a bit. What is a smart city?

It is a city where IoT is used in a variety of ways to gather different data from many sources to gain insight on management of assets, resources and services in the most efficient manner as possible.

It is collection of varying technology which is used to provide better lifestyle of living within a sustainable society.

The definitions can go on and on and looks different to the naked eye, but the core value remains the same which is – the involvement of ICT in building of a smart city.

Information and technology is key factor in almost everything we do, this involves smart cities as well. To make up a smart city you need many technological advancements and systems that are working in cohesion to give a certain output. The output here can be some form of data which is then analyzed to get better understanding on a certain problem of society or the output can be the cohesion brings about betterment in lifestyle of the society in immediate form. In most cases smart cities are built to be long lasting hence ICT plays a vital role in this.

With the help of various ICT we can gather data on not just problems but probable solutions to them in very short time. ICT helps to build better infrastructure and devices for betterment of life and increase effectiveness in some cases. Some basic examples of ICT in smart cities are traffic management system, self-driving vehicles, MaaS (Mobility as a Service) etc.

Many countries have adopted the smart city concept around the world, some of which are – Helsinki, Stockholm, Singapore, Madrid, Dublin, London, New York , Copenhagen, etc. Such cities have transformed their infrastructure with the utilization of technology and keep on advancing with every passing year.

We can take our home as a miniature model of a smart city – in our home we have WIFI or internet which is connected to various devices that are interacting with each other to provide us with different information. We use this information to make various decision in our daily life to make things easier or to solve some problems. Now if we increase the magnitude of this miniature model by many more times that makes a smart city. Smart cities work with different ICT to – collect, analyze and process data using networking and different security measures to provide an overall improvement in lifestyle within society, community and city. Without the use of ICT there would be no smart city. With just technology but no communication or with just communication but no technology to process the data it would not work at all.

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