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What company or business does not like to gain more customer and retain the existing ones? It is a hard bargain to keep customers satisfied and wanting for more nowadays. Is there a way to find out what customers want? How can you improve your business output? These are some of the questions every business has. Customer Relationship Management or better known as CRM gives you the answer to these problems.

What is a CRM?

  • It is the management of customer data
  • It supports sales and gives insights
  • Social media integration is easy for communication and data acquisition
  • It improves profitability and processes

CRM is one of the most used management tool/application in many businesses world-wide.

The ability to strengthen relationship with various customers is a competitive advantage in the modern world we live in. Even A.Payne and P.Frow in the journal of marketing have emphasized on the integration of CRM projects. But does all CRM solution work the way you want it to, or can improper CRM be bad for your business. Research has shown that just having a CRM does not necessarily improve business but having a CRM that is customer-eccentric and customer – oriented makes a big difference.

We at Finglo combine our many years of experience to give you the finest deal on CRMs. In contrast to your needs they can be structured and molded so that your company gets all the needed dimension and the CRM is at its finest for creating value for the customer as well as the firm.

CRM is not a solo endeavour within a company but a joint one where employees and customer are in constant flux of interaction.

CRM solution helps you to work smarter, efficiently and promotes better workflow in the business. CRM solution can further be used to manage not only customers relation but also employees, contacts, sales, clients, task, marketing, etc. CRM solution can either be locally based or cloud based depending upon your need. With the many advancements in CRM solutions happening today and the push towards Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI), we can only say that CRM functionality will continue to grow in the future. Even automation of the CRM functions is highly probably in the near future because of AI and ML, which in turn will reduce more human errors that could have occurred due to manual labour.

Our thoughts on choosing a CRM

There are many CRM solutions available nowadays, but which one is the right one for you? Everyday wider variety of CRM solutions are emerging with new sophisticated features and operations. So, what prospects should you keep in mind while looking at a CRM, our experts showcase and emphasize on the following factors before diving into the unknown:

  • What is cost per value?

Meaning how much do you pay for your needs. is there and hidden fees associated to the solution. Is there user restriction within the solution. 

  • Is it built for all types of businesses?

Business are of different types and sizes; you need to see if the CRM you are looking at is the right fit for your business size and needs.

  • How hard is the implementation?

Do you need assistance during the implementation, or can you handle it yourself with a basic know-how of the process?

  • How much technical knowledge do you need?

you need to check if the solution requires you to have hands on experience and knowledge in the technical field or not during and after implementation.

  • How user friendly is it?

Can everyone use it easily with basic training and workshops for the employees should be your concern. Extra time spent is extra finance loss for the business. So, keep in mind to check if the solution is easy to use even for the individual without any knowledge of technological aspect.

  • Does it integrate with other applications and software?

As we have grown to be more digitally social so has our business, keep in mind having your business switch many times can result in loss of interest of customers. So be wary and check if the solution is integration friendly as well, does it integrate easily with other application you currently use or are planning to use should be your top concern her.

  • How is the security on the solution? Is it secure enough?

Digitally bound are – you, your customer and your business. Everything that your business and your customer are is completely in digital form. So, you need to value security on the solution according to how you value your customer’s life. Without a proper security measure both your business and customer are targets in the nomadic digital world. According to your need focus on what details on security you require from the solution.

Our experts say that if you get the positive answers or answers you are looking for (according to your needs) from the above-mentioned questions the CRM solution is a match for you and your business. 

Why wait for something to pop up and get the lead for your business. If you are still unsure and have confusion to how you can connect your business to the world and customers in a more efficient and competent way, gain key advantage with a custom-tailored CRM solution from us. When needed we provide you with modelling the CRM solution, provide methods and guidelines to use along with on-site/remote support when needed. Without any binding contracts you have the freedom to choose what you prefer, and we will provide according to your needs. Gain more insights by talking to our experts at finglo.fi.

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