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IoT, a simple looking term with a meaning as vast as the oceans. IoT or Internet of Things comprises of almost everything that has to do with computing devices (mechanical and digital), people, objects and ability to transfer data over a network. In basic term IoT is anything that uses the service of internet to collect and transfer data, be it human to human or machine to machine. 

In the current context of how the world and almost everyone is connected to each other via different media, we are living in the world created by IoT.

We use machines that communicate with each other as well as use social medias and other forms of application to communicate among ourselves, these all fall under the IoT. With many things now digitally produced and consumed by billions of people around the world IoT has a firm foothold and it keeps on getting better in contest of passing time. Professionals and individuals keep making advancement in the sector of technology and this in turn progresses the IoT sector. With so many consumers, newer and better IoT applications and services are being developed every time.  

We at Finglo also drive towards excellence, thus we want what’s best for our customers. With us you don’t have to worry about details on the IoT applications and work around on setting up one. Our professionals will deal with all the hassles for you so that you can rest and better manage your time. We work with the latest technological trends and devices to meetup with the consumer expectation. With official partners like Microsoft, Lenovo, f-secure, HP and Google, we will provide you the best that you can get. With us you can build or deploy secure IoT application s and devices using our experienced professionals and various services. 

With the current trend of advancement in various sector around the world, IoT is going to keep progressing as well. Be it health sector, technology, business or security IoT plays a vital role in each one. Some simple example of IoT devices include (excluding computers) security systems, autonomous equipment, wearable monitors, wireless internet, etc. With our mechanical, digital and application solutions you and your business can be at the frontlines of the advancement in IoT. Keeping updated and making sure the demands of consumers are met to the highest probability is what drives us.  

Due to the variety of connected objects in IoT, intel has projected that IoT objects can increase to over 200 billion by the end of 2020. With so many advancements happening on a daily basis we can only imagine the next IoT explosion that might occur in near future. Even researches on controlling machines and AI are under way so, there is no telling what IoT holds for us in the future. 

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