On-site support

On-site support ensures that our expertise is close to the end-users so any IT-related issues can be solved swiftly and efficiently

Versatile expertise that is readily available

If there’s a problem you are unable to explain on the phone or email, it is not getting fixed remotely either – don’t worry, our on-site support services has you covered.

Our experts are readily available to conquer any task/problem that you might be facing on-site with the benefit of flexible hours on user’s terms. Our expert team is equipped with latest knowledge and tools to ensure reliable support to users.

Local expertise ensures a swift response time

No fixed service agreements

High end-user satisfaction.

Happy to serve you!

Sales: Finland

+358 75 326 7501

Sales: EU and MiddleEast

+358 75 326 7503

Sales: Africa

+358 75 326 7503