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Everything in today’s world is data. Your choices of food, places to visit, your money and even your own identity. Without any virtual credentials you won’t even be able to verify yourself in this technological era we are living in. With the increase in digitization of everything we do to everything we are, there is a danger of losing our self because of leaks, breaches, hacks and other vulnerabilities. So how can we possibly keep our digital self-safe and secure is a big question. You can lose yourself at any time if you are not observant, and taking proper precautions.

There are many ways that your data can be stolen, some of the common term you can hear are – viruses, malware, Trojans, hidden backdoor, security compromise, payment card fraud/ stealing, stolen credentials, phishing, etc. these are some of the usual ways that you can lose your digital self without even noticing. The bigger term is you are hacked – whatever and how ever the digital information is stolen it is a work of a hacker(a person or a group specializing in targeting the vulnerabilities in the network and data to acquire foreign information). There are many cases where the public data has been breached from even the big companies, notably –

Yahoo – hacked 2013,2014, over 3 billion data affected, hacked

Facebook – 2019, over 500 million data affected , poor security

Friend finder – 2016 , over 400 million data affected, bad security resulted in hacking

The information of may customer were released or hacked without their consent, you may have been one of them. During such breaches valuable information about the users were stolen including their finance credentials. in order to combat their security loopholes, such companies will enhance their security and make sure that they are protected and the data breach doesn’t happen again, they will ensure they are using the bust security modules and features to protect themselves and your data. But you don’t have their financial capability or assets, so what can you do to better protect yourself? Is there a way that you can be more secure about your digital self?.

The answer is YES. There are many ways that you can protect yourself from your perspective and prevent from being hacked or losing any valuable information/data. The technical terms to better protect your data are encapsulation, encryption, authentication. You can do the basic stuff like using only the secured web addresses (HTTPS), avoiding any suspicious emails or notifications that might have been sent from unknown user or from phishing sites, expand

your knowledge on basic forms of data back data security. For a more high level and better data security you have data security software and tool available which you can use locally on your devices as well as for the internet. Among the many available software it might be a little hard to find which better suits you but with a little searching and digging you can find one. Such tools can help you to protect yourself when you are browsing the internet or when someone tries to use methods like listening, phishing etc to take your information. Data protection software enhances your network strength, encrypts your data being sent over the internet to better protect you from attacks. With multitude of features like end to end encryption, encapsulation, multi factor authentication; many data security software make sure that your information is not visible to others on the internet and keeps it safe. Some software even have features that encourage you to take regular backups of data, change/use better passwords to ensure the data security. With every advancement the hackers get more experienced and better at infiltrating secured places but there are better data protection software out there which are progressing and expanding their horizon as well. So why stay out in the open for others to see, use and threaten you, get yourself a data security software and be anonymous to such attacks and breaches.

Without a data security your information its like you are swimming with the sharks where you are exposed but with one you create a cage around you and protect yourself from it. So wouldn’t you rather have a secured data in this digital age than just leaving it around for someone else to steal it.

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